Declaration of Conflict of Interest


The following Planning Committee Members and Speakers did not declare a relationship with a FOR-PROFIT and/or NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization over the previous two years: 

Jonathan Taves

Lisa Neziol

Lynne Farrell

Nima Zamiri

Zara Khalid

Korrie Biggs

Jaclyn Gilbert

Jeremy Hernadez

Marcia Cronkwright

Thomas Haffner

Mohamed Abbasy

Christine Portwood

Andrew Kelly

Thamer Alaifan

Franca Dartnal

Andrew Gibson 

Erich Hamel

Amit Arya

Rohin Malhotra

Craig Ainsworth 




The following Planning Committee Members and Speakers have or had a relationship with a FOR-PROFIT and/or NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization over the previous two years: 

Glenio Mizubuti: Is the principal investigator on the research project entitled: Focused Cardiac Ultrasound training as continuing medical Education (CME) for staff Physicians from SEAMO Endowed Scholarship and Education Fund. Dr.Mizubuti is also the principal investor on the research project entitled "Can Dobutamine and Goal-Directed Fluid Therapy improve tissue oxygenation in DIEP flap breast reconstruction surgery? A Randomized Controlled Trial" from the SEAMO Innovations Fund.

Jennifer Burton: Is on the National Education Advisory Committee for Sonography Canada. She is also the Cardiac Diagnostic Advisory Committee for Mohawk College.

Diana Stenhouse: Is the owner of DVS Consulting. 

Khalid Azzam: Is the Assistant Dean for the CHSE, McMaster University. He is also the site chief of Medicine for the HGH. 


Paul MacDougall: Is an instructor for the EDE Course 


Maggie Tuhy: Is employed by HHS and Mohawk College.


Karen Lutz-Graul: Is the project lead for system transformation for Niagara EMS


Teresa Chan: Has received teaching honorarium from ALiEM and LLC. She is also the assistant dean, CE Program director for McMaster University. Dr Chan had also received research grant from the PSI Foundation. 


Michelle Howard: Has received funded research grants from the Canadian Institute of health Research, Canadian Frailty Network and the McMaster Department of Family Medicine.


Kathleen Willison: Has received Honoraria from McMaster University. 


Alan Neville: is a faculty member with McMaster University


Amanda Rosenblum: Is a Leap Facilitator and course reviewer with Pallium Canada. She is also a Palliative Care mentor with McMaster University.


Natalie Park: Employment with McMaster University, CHSE.

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